BreWaterCalc - brewing water calculation software


BreWaterCalc provides all tools necessery for complete calculation of brewing water with few clicks.

With BreWaterCalc you can:


  1. Add as many base waters as you want. Base water can be water from any source but with known minerals. Based on target profile which you want to fit, software will calculate the best proportion of waters. As result you will get required percentage of each.

  2. Input manualy mineral additions, or let software calculate the best  quantities based on percentage of base waters and required target profile.

  3. Input beer receipe and based on it define additions for fitting mash PH. Mash PH can be fitted manualy, or calculated automaticaly by the software.

The software support defining custom bases for basic waters, target profiles and malts, but default bases are provided with installation.  The Software provide multilanguage interface, and Metric and Imperial units. At any time you can switch betwen languages or unit systems, and everything will be updated immediately. Closing the main window with OK button all chages will be saved to disk for further reuse. The software is tested, but as always there is posibility that some bugs might be present.  In the case there are reported bugs I will try to fix it as soon as posible.

You can see how program works in provided video tutorial (if below video doesn't work you can find it on):

YouTube link...